The Breast Care For Washington DC Center and its staff are wonderful !!! From the moment you enter the the reception area till the time you leave; you feel a sense of positive, welcoming energy. Any sense of fear, anxiety, nervousness is quickly put to rest. The decor of the facility is beautiful; check in is quick and easy, every member of their staff I encountered was pleasant, friendly and professional. I’m one who is big on customer service and theirs was 5 star! I can’t forget the young lady I spoke with when I called to schedule my appt. phone service ; tops also. I have nothing but positive things to say about the Breast Care For Washington. I truly hope that it remains a “permanent fixture ” in our community!!


Everyone said it was going to hurt but it didn’t. Not even a little. I am so ashamed I waited so long to do it. I am definitely going to be pushing people to come in.
~Sabrina -First time mammogram

I was so nervous I was sitting in the waiting room shaking. Hearing what other people say about how they mash your breasts real hard and not knowing I was afraid. But it wasn’t anything like that. The technician is really good. She explains everything as you go along. My heart was pounding but it was all just fine.
~Sherita - First time mammogram

Had my 1st Mamo here with the DC Pink Divas & my technician was so kind & informative. When I had to come back to be re-imaged they took away as much fear as possible…thank God everything was fine. I will Never forget the care I received & highly recommend.
~Thomasina - First time mammogram

Don’t listen to other people’s experiences. Someone told me just this morning that it was going to hurt really badly. It does not actually hurt, there is just a little discomfort. It feels the same as when you get your blood pressure taken with just a little squeezing.

It makes more sense to get your mammogram done instead of waiting and perhaps having to go through fighting cancer. I hadn’t gotten a mammogram before because I was scared and afraid of the truth of what they might find. I lost my sister to cancer and my husband has cancer. I support all sorts of cancer causes but how can I do that and not take care of myself.

I am going to go back home in my neighborhood and community and let people know not to be afraid and come get their mammogram done.

~Margaret - First time mammogram

Get over your fear and go get yourself checked. As women, our purpose is to go get ourselves checked out. Our generation wasn’t taught about taking care of your health but it is our responsibility to tell our daughters.”
~Cynthia - 2nd mammogram

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