Preparing for Your Visit

Breast Care for Washington Operational Update Effective March 25, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in the District of Columbia, Breast Care for Washington has suspended all breast screening mammograms until emergency orders are lifted in the District of Columbia or at the time it is deemed safe for us to operate fully. Diagnostic imaging will be suspended on March 27, 2020 until further notice. This is out of an abundance of caution for our staff and patients. Should you have questions or need to speak with someone our phones will be monitored during this time – 202-465-7164. You may need to leave a message please be assured our staff will return your call.

Tips for your visit:

  1. Do not wear lotions, powders or deodorants on the day of your appointment.
  2. Please wear two-piece clothing for convenience and comfort. You will only need to remove clothing from your top half.
  3. If you are coming for a diagnostic mammogram please bring your referral from your physician.
  4. It is helpful to know the date of your last menstrual period
  5. Let us know the name of the facility where you have had any previous mammograms so that we may obtain the films for comparison purposes.

Need a Screening?

Monday through Friday: 8:30am – 4:00pm
Bimonthly Saturdays by appointment

Request an Appointment online or call 202-465-7164 to schedule your appointment

Insurance Information

Breast Care for Washington is Located:

In the Conway Health and Resource Center

4 Atlantic Street, SW
Washington, DC 20032

For appointments and information please call 202-465-7164

We do not require referrals for screening mammograms